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Six reasons why slab marble is favored

When most people’s eyes are still on the size of ceramic tiles to be laid, which types and specifications of ceramic tiles to be matched for decoration, another ambitious, atmospheric and aesthetic solution has quietly spread its influence in the trend of the world’s home decoration.

“Decorative effect concise atmosphere”

When placing large slab marble, it gives people a sense of extension and expansion from the visual point of view, which makes the space more open and becomes the first choice of many high-level places such as hotel lobbies. In product design, because of the large area of large slab marble, it can carry more texture elements, so the decoration of the overall spatial texture pattern effect is more complete and three-dimensional, and the details embodied in the brick surface are more abundant.

Leave fewer seams to avoid hiding dirt and dirt

Seamless link is the most obvious characteristic of slab marble which is different from conventional tile. At the moment when everyone is pursuing simplicity, the ground covered with slab marble can minimize the traces of collage and add points for the simplicity of space. With less seams, it can also reduce dirt and dirt, and make it easier to clean and maintain.

Freedom of Cutting, Rich Specifications

The larger the piece, the greater the imagination of the tailor. Designers can tailor their designs according to their needs. After cutting and processing, the ceramic tile has a more design sense, which provides a wider design space for designers. Shao Weiyan, a famous Asian designer, said, “From the point of view of design aesthetics, designers like seamless materials, so the more specifications, the more convenient it is.”

Wider Application

According to the needs of modern consumers, domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to the application space of slab marble, from the early use as indoor wall and floor paving, to later use as curtain wall decoration materials, now quickly into kitchen and toilet space and table decoration materials and other daily home decoration.

“Construction Paving Efficiency”

With the development of domestic economy, high-rise buildings and large commercial places emerge in endlessly, and the area of home decoration is also growing, which requires larger tiles to solve the problem of efficient construction.

Summary: With the maturity of the market, slab marble is becoming more and more popular, followed by the emergence of more sizes, the emergence of various large-sized, non-standard tiles continue to meet the various decoration needs. From tooling to household decoration, the market of large boards is more and more extensive. The most fundamental reason is that large boards meet the needs of consumers for commercial use, expanding living space and diversified life forms. People are increasingly willing to pay for high-quality products.

What are the advantages of modern antique brick

Modern antique brick is different from traditional antique brick. Traditional pursuit of antique style. This modern simple style of modern brick pays attention to. Moreover, the large size of 800cm is the main color. The light color system is the main color, such as black, white and gray. Every brick incorporates modern design elements. If your decoration style is simple and modern, you can choose this product is absolutely a good choice. Among them, the reason why modern antique brick can be welcomed is that?

Large specifications

Modern antique brick specifications are more than 600*600mm. Now 800*800mm, 900*900mm, 600*1200mm and 1200x1200mm are on the market. They can better control the overall decoration style. They are bold, innovative and diversified in the application of products, and easy to control.

Patterns and textures are more realistic

The reason why natural stone is so popular is mostly due to its natural, changeable and rich texture. Modern antique brick because of specifications, texture can be more realistic, performance to the extreme. Large specifications can give more possibilities for tile texture performance.

Higher standards

As the size of modern antique tiles becomes larger and the tonnage of press is larger in the pressing process, the production process and standard requirements are higher than those of small size glazed tiles, such as smoothness, which is an important parameter standard of modern antique tiles. The size error is basically controlled at 0.1-0.6MM, and even comparable to the polished traditional ceramic tile products.

Strong sense of fashion

Modern antique brick just meets the needs of young people, and comes into being at the historic moment, pursuing a fashion and trend. Many kinds of modern antique bricks are from internationally renowned designers, which will certainly lead the fashion.

Softwear is easier to match

Black, white, grey and beige are the main light color systems. These are all colors of all kinds. The color requirements for soft clothes will be very broad, and the limitations will be very small. And the modern style of simplicity is similar to that of simplicity. Software is based on quality, not quantity.

More intensive

Moreover, it has a wide range of materials, a large degree of freedom in design and application, and a large number of artistic means, which have created a more rich connotation of modern antique bricks.

Ceramic enterprises have a bright future

The 4th Guangzhou International Purchasing Fair officially opened in Pazhou on 14th. Ceramic exhibitors who attended the fair said they were optimistic about the development prospects of Guangdong ceramics industry this year. In addition, although the current technology can produce clean ceramics, it is difficult to popularize widely in domestic ceramics industry due to cost constraints.

Jinshengtao Ceramics Manager Lin Cuibi said that their products are mainly sold in China, so last year’s overall sales were good, not affected by the financial crisis too much, although sales in this quarter are general, but the sales prospects for 2010 are very good.

Zhong Hanguang, manager of Kama Ceramics Export Department, also agrees with this view. He believes that the development of the ceramic industry in 2009 is better than that in 2008, which belongs to the stage of recovery and recovery. He believes that the prospects for 2010 are more optimistic.

Zhong Hanguang said that ceramic brands, mainly for domestic sales, had little impact during the financial crisis last year, but sales of ceramic brands, mainly for export, declined by an average of about 30% in the same period. In fact, the market capacity of ceramics is very large. Understanding Foshan ceramics understands Foshan ceramics net in ceramic industry. This information is transferred from Foshan ceramics net. However, due to the impact of the financial crisis, the overall demand of the ceramic market in 2008 and 09 has been suppressed. It is expected that this part of the suppressed demand will be released in 2010.

Talking about the high pollution and high energy consumption of ceramic industry, a ceramic exhibitor admitted that some production equipment can reduce 80% pollution in the production process, so as to produce clean ceramic products. However, these technologies and equipment are expensive, and China’s ceramics are still on the low-cost and high-yield competitive line, so these technologies and equipment are difficult to popularize in China at present. As for high energy consumption, the exhibitor acknowledged that it was inevitable.

It is reported that the Guangzhou International Purchasing Fair is held at the same time as the China Import and Export Commodity Fair in spring and autumn every year. The theme of this Expo mainly includes building materials, hardware tools, ceramics, knitted goods, furniture and household accessories, oil paintings, gifts, crafts and so on.


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